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A lifelong equestrian, Anna launched The PRIDE Equestrian in August 2022 after realizing there was but no frank discussion, support, or acknowledgement of LGBTQ+ equestrians as a whole within the equestrian community.


She felt inspired to create this space for everyone who wanted to show their pride as both a LGBTQ+ individual and their love for horses. LGBTQ+ equestrians had no way to express their pride as both equestrians and members of the LGBTQ+ community for not just the month of June but year-round. So in 2019 as a halfway out-of-the-closet freshman in college she began saving money to someday start a business that would support the interests of the LGBTQ+ equestrian community.


Fast forward to summer 2022 after realizing that continuing to delay on an idea as positive and impactful as this one was foolish. Anna took a leap of faith and launched The PRIDE Equestrian with only four initial products including a basic tee-shirt, two different sweatshirts, and a tank top. Now in less than 6 months, The PRIDE Equestrian has added nearly 30 products, most of which were created in collaboration with other small businesses, all for LGBTQ+ equestrians and their allies with a majority of products for horses.


While the primary goal of The PRIDE Equestrian is offering pride apparel, Anna also wanted to find a way to address of the lack of education surrounding LGBTQ+ issues and general knowledge. So, she created a social media segment called Factual Fridays with educational tidbits on important issues for the LGBTQ+ community and the equestrian community. This business that bridges both the LGBTQ+ community and the equestrian community is why support from both communities is vitally important to The PRIDE Equestrian because of the specific niche within both communities that it fills.





The PRIDE Equestrian welcomes collaborations with other businesses, conversations, and open discussions with those who share our mindset and passion for a more inclusive world. To contact us please feel free to fill out the form below!

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Additional Resources

Check out these great links below for additional resources relating to a variety of LGBTQ+ topics!


Guidance and Support



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LGBTQ+ History

To learn more about LGBTQ+ history check out our Factual Friday segment which includes interesting facts about the LGBTQ+ community and its history!

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